Thursday, August 17, 2017

Vicious Circle!

Lady Tish with Passion and Velveteen

Lady Holly

Lady Persephone and Leasha

Lady Ravenn

Lady Eva hosting


Lady JJ

Lady Lobbie and Lady Lisa

Thank you all for coming out to yesterday's Vicious Circle!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Club Noir!

Lady JJ

Niki with Lady Noirran




Lady Persephone and Leasha

A big thank you to Lady Noirran for spinning and to everyone who came out to Tuesday's Club Noir!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Secret Q & A!

Secret Q & A!

Miss Eva


Lady Persephone



Lady Tika

Lady Lisa


Lady Mira

Lady Tish

Thank you all for coming out to Secret Q & A on Wednesday!  We hope you enjoyed it.

A Midsummer Night's Dream...

Lady Persephone and Romeo

Lady Delicatia and Darksecret

The biggest fairy of them all, DJ Miss Pamela Emmons

Oh wait, I spoke to soon - hi Jon!

Our dance floor

Lady Tish with Passion in the background

A firey Lady Carla


Thank you all for coming out to last week's themed party, our annual Midsummer Night's Dream Ball with DJ Miss Pamela Emmons!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Coming Up At The Dominion Art Gallery....

Campfire Confessions!

Crowding around the Campfire

Lady Eva with squirrels

Lady Nora doing her best Cruella 

Lady Peregrine with Cam and Brian




Lady Tika and Eli


Passion looking all cuddly

Lady Lobbie

Thank you all for coming out to last week's Femdom Confessions around the campfire!  You can read all of the submissions on our dedicated blog. Just click the 'confess' button at the top of this page.

Don't forget our anonymous Femdom Confessions mailbox is out permanently near the landing point by The Courtyard. All submissions will be published on our blog and read out at our next Confessions event.  Keep your eye on our event calendar for dates.

Club Noir!





Lady Lisa

Lady Mira

Lady Noirran and Niki

Lady Persephone (welcome back Perse!)

Lady Vivica

Thank you to Lady Lisa for these shots of yesterday's Club Noir!  And of course, thank you to our intrepid DJ Lady Noirran and to everyone who came out to party.  Nice to see so many boys on the dance floor!